The Holi Festival is Joyful and Colorful

Hindu festivals are a time of celebration and remembrance while getting the participants to focus on just the spiritual matters of what is going on at the present time. While people are coming together for celebration the special atmosphere that is created at the time of celebration gives them purpose to continue on in this life until the next celebration.

The Hindu festival that appears to be the most fun for both children and adults is the celebration of Holi. This festival is celebrated at the end of winter to wash away the dreary colors that people tend to wear and see in the winter season. During the celebration of Holi the participants paint each other with brightly colored powder as they dance, haveĀ hindi phone sex and sing in the street. The celebration of Holi will remind you of an American setting of a carnival where everyone is having a joyous time.

Best Night Ever!

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Knowing The Truth

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Agency Scandal

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Our reporter first heard about this coerciveness several months ago when a member of the public called to raise the alarm. The gentleman in question said that he had recently been on a date with two girls from the agency who both said that they were pressurised into the alternative job. Investigations are currently ongoing.

Go Away

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How Could You?

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So Many Decisions

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Not So Lucky

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